Item Number: HNS910J-NEMA
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
Light sensing PE Cell for controlling mains powered street lights
Double-Sided Plated-Through Circuit Board (DSPT) for durability and reliability
Accurate silicon light sensor
320 Joule MOV
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Product Information

Product Description

Photocontrol Twist-Lock NEMA Positive

The HNS910J-NEMA is a light sensing switch for controlling mains powered street lighting, designed to reduce energy consumption by allowing the light to switch OFF at a lower light level than the switch ON light level.

The twist-lock electronic photocontrol provides precise lighting control and stable performance. It uses an electronic sensing circuit together with a silicon light-sensing element, providing higher reliability and superior temperature stability of light level switching thresholds.

The combination of these design features prevents light level drift so that the light switching levels remain constant for the life of the control unit. The unit is also fitted with a Metal Oxide Resistor (MOV) designed to effectively clamp voltage surges that might otherwise damage the unit.

Photocontrol Twist-Lock NEMA Positive Features
• Double-Sided Plated-Through Circuit Board (DSPT) for durability and reliability
• Turn-OFF light level lower than Turn-ON level
• 320 Joule MOV
• Accurate silicon light sensor
• High impact thermoplastic base
• Solid brass contact blades
• UV stabilised permanent color
• High impact resistant polyproylene cover
• Wide operating voltage rating (185 - 305 Vac)
• Conforms to AS/NZS 1158-6

Technical Data
309.40 kB
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