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You may have a few questions about the recent merger of CABAC Power and MSS Power Systems

Q. Why did you merge the two companies?
A. MSS Power Systems and CABAC Power are both proven specialists in the power space. Bringing these two organistaions together provides our clients with the oppurtunity to access our extensive range of approved products through a single local representative supported by specialist Product Managers and the wider resources of our parent Legend Coporation

Q. What are the benefits to me?
A. You now have one stop access to a wider range of specialist power products designed for the Australian power market through one company. This gives you the greater access to our NATA accredited laboratories, engineering and design teams, with the sane high level of customer service and prompt delivery.

Q. Why didn't you call yourself Cabac Power?
A. We now have such a wide and varied specialist power product range that MSS Power, a power industry specialist, will better difine our business. It will allow us to grow and support out customers with techincal information, specialist engineering design and superior on-time delivery. MSS Power will sell our wide range of specialist ower and data brands which include:
MSS Power has a comprehensive range of Terminations (Lugs & Links), Heatshrink, Cable Jointing Glands, Specialist Overhead Line Tools, Underground Equipment, Premium Safety Equipment, Test & Measurement, Tools & Accessories, Lighting, Dc to DC rail power suppliers, Network Cabling & Cabinets, Structure Cabling, Fibre Optic Solutions and Engineering services.

Q. Why two logos?
A. MSS Power Systems & CABAC Power are two great Australian owned businesses and we want to make sure the market understands the heritage of this new division.

Q. Are you a new company?
A. No. Both MSS Power Systems and CABAC Power have been trading for many decades. We are an Australian company and here for the long term and we will continue to develop Australian Engineered Solutions for Australian Utilities, Rail and Primary Resource Engineering Construction.

Q. Will I have to buy your products via a third party?
A. It's business as usual - continue to place your orders in the same way.

Q. Do I need to update anything in my system?
A. If you are an existing CABAC Power customer you do not need to do anything.
A. If you are a MSS Power Systems customer, please update our ABN in your records from the old MSS ABN to our parent company Legend Corporate Services' Pty Ltd ABN: 81 006 722 292.
If you havent recieved a copy of our updated trading terms please contact your local sales engineer to organise a copy to be sent to you.

Q. Who do I talk to when placing my order?
A. It's business as usual. In most cases it's the same sales representitive you spoke to prior to this merger. If oyu are an existing MSS Power Systems customer outside of Victoria, you will be working with your local MSS Power sales representitive in your state, supported by specialist Product Managers. Details of our national sales team can be found at You may also call out customer service number 1800 769 370 to find out your local Power sales representitive. All of our existing staff are a part of this new exciting initiative and look forward to developing business with you.

Q. Will you maintain pricing?
A. It's business as usual. Yes, your pricing will be maintained unchanged. You will also have access to our future product and services range as we continue to grow.

Q. Will there be any change in delivery times or performance?
A. It's business as usual. There will be no interruption to delivery times. We expect that service times will continue to improve as we range stick across our national distribution facilities and continue to strengthen availability.