Fibre Optic Connector Installers Kit

Item Number: FIBREKIT4
Packaging Unit: 1 / Kit
Contains all tools required for fibre optic termination
Includes fibre scriber and two syringes
fibre stripper, isopropyl alcohol cleaning liquid
Rubber working pad
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Product Information

Product Description

This kit contains all the tools required for fibre optic termination.

Kit Contents

1 x Fibre scriber (45SCRIBER)
2 x Syringes
1 x Fibre stripper (45FC250)
1 x Isopropyl alcohol cleaning liquid
1 x Epoxy glue and hardener
1 x Polishing pucks for SC and ST fibre
1 x Fibre cleaning tissues
1 x Industrial scissors for Kevlar (KSCIS)
1 x Hardened glass polishing plate
1 x Crimp tool for fibre connectors (45CRTLF)
3 x Grades of lapping film:
- 6um Brown - Diamond
- 1um - Purple - Diamond
- 0.05um - White - Aluminium Oxide - Polish
1 x Rubber working pad


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