1.5-6 SQ.MM Inline Joint KIT 4C

Item Number: H1J4X1.5-6
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
Practically unlimited shelf-life (depending on environmental conditions)
Designed for Australasian polymeric cables
A few kit sizes cover a vast cable cross-section range
Simple and quick installation (Crimp links provided)
Suited for XLPE/EPR/PVC cable types
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Product Information

Product Description

Heatshrink Joint Kit 1kV 4 Core Unarmoured 1.5-6mm–

POWERJOINT™ heatshrink kits are commonly used throughout the world when jointing low and medium voltage cables in order to provide successful electrical connectivity and environmental insulation.

Each POWERJOINT™ kit comprises a unique set of cross-linked polymer tubes creating a water seal and excellent connection for low voltage joints.

The POWERJOINT™ kits have been individually designed for the specific requirements of the subject cable to be jointed with design variations dependent on the type and geographical requirements for the application. This may include additional Armour or insect defeating sheathing.

Electrical conductivity is provided by teaming the POWERJOINT™ kit with an appropriate set of proven, tested and patented CABAC lugs or links. The combination of certified POWERJOINT™ heatshrink kits together with CABAC proven and tested connector products, backed by local support, will provide both straightforward and successful joints.

Kits are designed for mechanical shear technology and compression lugs.

• Practically unlimited shelf-life (depending on evironmental conditions)
• Few kit sizes cover a vast cross section range reducing inventory values
• Simple to install with clear, easy to follow installation instructions that have been designed and developed in Australia
• Range of low voltage kits are designed for polymeric cables used in Australia, New Zealand and Australasia
• Specialist kits available (designed upon request)

NOTE: Must be installed by a competent cable jointer. Termite and Insect Protection upon request.

Training on all POWERJOINT™ products is available on request by our certifed trainers.

Technical Data
229.77 kB
Armoured: No
Voltage Rating (kV): 1
Number Of Cores: 4
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